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Automotive Electronic Engineers at Work

What is Digi Controls?

We are a team of skilled and experienced electronic engineers that constantly keep up with the latest trends and technologies in automotive controls. Our team can help your business with almost any automotive electronic service or programming.

What do we do?

We repair the following:
- Electronic Climate Controllers
- Antilock/ Traction Controllers
- Instrument Clusters/Gauges
- Body Control Modules
- Engine/Powertrain Control Modules
- Airbag/SRS Modules
- Radio and Amplifiers

We program the following:
- Radios Equipped with Codes
- Instrument Clusters
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- Airbag/SRS Control Modules
- Body Control Modules
- Engine Control Modules

How can we help you?

Today’s vehicles come equipped with control units that cannot be swapped to another vehicle. This makes the cost of parts rise dramatically. Even the new parts do not always include software for the vehicle. We are equipped to program the original software to a donor module when original parts are irreparable.

Climate Control Repair

We can repair GM, Ford, Chrysler climate controls for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Here is a list of some common climate control units that we service:

- Acura Vigor
- BMW E36 3 series
- Chrysler: Dodge Intrepid, New Yorker/LHS
- Ford: Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car
- GM: Olds Cutlass, Buick LeSabre/Park Avenue,Corvette C5
- Mercedes-Benz 190, 300

96-00 Dodge Caravan Climate
Mercedes Climate Control
Ford Climate Control
BMW E36 Climate Control

Digi Controls specializes in the service and programming of automotive control modules. With a combined experience of 25 years in automotive electronics, we are the first choice for many of today’s leading automotive service and collision centers.